Abaca Innovating Abaca in Today’s Technology

Image taken from davaooriental.gov.ph Abaca is a species of banana endemic to tropical countries such as the P・・・続きを読む

Abaca New-found Identity in Abaca

Abaca or Manila hemp is a plant of the family Musaceae. This plant, which mostly grows in tropical countries, can be found and cultivated here in the Philippines. Abaca grows best

Abaca Applications of Abaca in Architecture and Construction

Abaca is already famous for cordage, crafts, and furniture. The ropes can be weaved into strong mats and carpe・・・続きを読む
Abaca shop

Abaca Abaca Enterprises Flourishing in Bicol

With the many possibilities you can discover with abaca, there is no question why many venture into business w・・・続きを読む

Abaca How to Prepare Abaca Fibers

Abaca is a species of banana with an inedible fruit. It does not matter, though, because abaca is harvested ev・・・続きを読む

Abaca Phiippines’ Abaca Importers

Abaca in the Philippines has high potential to do well in the local and international market. Abaca provides l・・・続きを読む

Abaca Environmental Impact of Abaca

The past decade has seen the most drastic change in the state of the environment. More single-use plastic, non・・・続きを読む

Abaca Abaca: The industrial trailblazer

The mid 1900s saw the demand in this wonder crop. It became one of Philippines’ most important crop exports in・・・続きを読む